Contest – 10 Free Tickets to StartupEmpire Available

Flow Ventures, Austin Hill and AngelSoft are co-sponsoring a contest to help 10 entrepreneurs attend next week’s StartupEmpire

for free. This is going to be a great event to focus on building new companies in lean times but we realized that, for some, the cost of admission and travel might be a problem. Winners of the contest will receive:

  • Free admission to the conference
  • A $100 subsidy for travel (which we’re asking GTA-area people to donate to those traveling from farther away)
  • Two great business books: Reality Check by Guy Kawasaki, and Randy Komisar’s The Monk and the Riddle
  • Some discounted and some free passes to post your funding pitch on AngelSoft’s OpenDeals program which will be seen by Angels and VCs across North America

Here are the questions we’d like you to answer as part of the contest:

  1. If you are a startup tell us about your company, size, market, product and what stage you are at in your growth. (If you are not part of a formed startup but) If you are an entrepreneur, programmer or aspiring entrepreneur tell us about your background, your plans as an entrepreneur. Tell us what you’ve done to advance your entrepreneurial aspirations.
  2. Why do you want to attend Startup Empire – what do you want to accomplish there?
  3. What are the 3 questions that you would want answered by any of the speakers @ StartupEmpire?

Send your answers to startupempire [@] brudderventures.com by Saturday November 8th and we’ll announce the winners ASAP.