Flow Ventures Announces Investment in ArtAnywhere

We’re very happy to announce our second investment of 2009, in Montreal-based ArtAnywhere (www.artanywhere.com

). This online art rental business combines a social purpose with a solid business case. The idea is simple. There are artists in cities around the world creating artwork which is rarely seen. There are empty walls in businesses and homes in need of inspiration. ArtAnywhere brings the two together to create new galleries in non-traditional spaces, perhaps the one you’re sitting in right now. The option to rent makes art affordable and accessible for everyone.

© Julian Haber Photography - Ship 4

© Julian Haber Photography - Ship 4

This is the first startup created and spun-out of Flow Ventures itself. Leading ArtAnywhere is CEO and co-founder Christine Renaud. She’s an experienced educator and social entrepreneur who is already well-known in local startup circles. You can learn more about Christine and ArtAnywhere on our blog (or Twitter @artanywr) which will be packed with content leading up to our launch.

(c) Mark Dixon (www.markdixon.ca) - Trees on a hill, 90 x 120 cm, acrylic on board, 2006

(c) Mark Dixon (www.markdixon.ca) - Trees on a hill, 90 x 120 cm, acrylic on board, 2006

ArtAnywhere is currently in private beta and has already rallied hundreds of artists in our launch cities of Montreal, Toronto and New York. Spread the word if you know an under-appreciated artist who wants to participate in our beta program by providing artwork. If you’re a business interested in being one of our “beta renters” you can sign up on the site.

As investors, we’re thrilled to continue finding and funding great new startups under Flow’s unique funding + acceleration model.


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