Ottawa Founders & Funders Wrap-Up

The inaugural Founders & Funders Ottawa was a great example of entrepreneurial power networking. I personally don’t like “fashion show” events where founders pitch a panel of funders. I have a feeling that not many startups get funded that way and it just gets in the way of person-to-person networking, which is what F&F Ottawa excelled at.

Allan Isfan (founder of FaveQuest) did a great job organizing the event and encouraging/forcing people to talk to each other. Speaking of which, here is a brief rundown of some of the folks there:

It was nice to see a variety of funding sources including a Boston VC (Sigma Partners), government funding, Angels and debt funding sources. I also think it’s encouraging that founders and funders travelled to Ottawa from Toronto, Montreal and Boston. I don’t think any Canadian city can sustain its own technology ecosystem so people need to start enlarging their networks.

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