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Mortadelo y Filemón: Vol.9

Startup Drinks, Montreal and Toronto: Wednesday, July 29!

This Wednesday, July 29, Startup Drinks will be held simultaneously in two different locations! We’ve been working behind the scenes with Canadian startup agitator David Crow to get our Toronto brethren into the Startup Drinks act.  Startup Drinks Toronto makes its debut in the wake of DemoCamp and at last count there are over 180 (!) people slated to be there.

Speaking for Montreal, this drinking and networking event has become a touchstone for the tech community because of the regulars who keep the open spirit of the startup culture alive.  With David’s help, I hope we can achieve this modest end in Toronto with the same “no frills” philosophy and conviviality.

I asked David – who has no lack of projects on the go, mind you – why he was getting behind yet another community building effort and he said it’s because “Startup Drinks embodies the culture needed to build strong connections between entrepreneurs. Montreal has such a fantastic startup culture, and sometimes imitation is the finest form of flattery. This is a great social event for entrepreneurs and startups to gather over a pint and share what we’ve been working on.”

If you’re a Montrealer in Toronto for DemoCamp, check it out just as our own Raymond Luk will be doing.  You know the drill!

Without further ado, these are your need-to-know details:

For Toronto:

Venue: Pogue Mahone, 777 Bay St (Cnr College St)

When: Wednesday, July 29, 2009 from 7pm

Sign up: Startup Drinks Toronto Facebook Event

For Montreal:

Venue: Brutopia, 1219 Crescent St (Sth of St-Catherine)

When: Wednesday, July 29, 2009 from 5:30pm

Sign up: Coming soon!

You can come by yourself, with a friend or with a posse.  Everyone is welcome!

See you there,



Startup Drinks February

The last Wednesday of the month comes around faster than you realise and suddenly, it’s time for Startup Drinks again!  January’s drinks was pretty gregarious and good fun, which can only be good for business.  Keep encouraging those who need to come to Startup Drinks this Wednesday, February 25 at Brutopia

from 5:30pm until whenever.

I’m putting out a challenge to all who read this: if you’re a senior programmer looking for work (or know someone who fits this description), look for Robin from Flow and introduce yourself!  We’re looking for senior software developer for one of our clients and I’d love to have a chat over a pint.

Registrations are open at TechEntreprise!

See you there,



Reminder: Startup Drinks this Wednesday

Startup Drinks is back!  Come to local fave Brutopia (1219 Crescent St, South of Ste-Catherine) on Wednesday, January 28 and bring anyone you think might enjoy kicking back and talking tech.  Drinks start from 5:30pm until you say “when”; Happy Hour prices are in effect until 8pm.

Register now on at TechEntreprise



StartupDrinks Jan 28 – Mixing Startups with Pleasure

Networking, community building, socializing – call it what you will – it’s what we’re doing.

Raymond told me about an interesting observation on the part of some Torontonian delegates at Startup Empire last year. By their accounting, one thing the Montreal tech community is definitely doing right is staying connected through regular meetups and events. Montrealers are famously sociable so I guess it’s not surprising but it’s nice to know it’s not gone unnoticed. Judging from the ebullient mood and strong turnout to CelebrateCamp last month – as well as the calls to do it again – I think we’ve got some momentum.

Since November last year, Flow Ventures has been working with Heri on Startup Drinks for the sole purpose of making sure we’re doing our part to keep the community wheels in motion. The next one is slated for Wednesday, 28 January at Brutopia from 5:30pm.

For the uninitiated, Startup Drinks was started by Heri and Alok as a pretext for getting people working in technology in the same room to have an informal drink and generally shoot the breeze. I went to my first Startup Drinks on a balmy June evening at Cafe des Eclusiers and was impressed by the lighthearted, spirited conversation. Now, you don’t necessarily have work at a startup; it’s just called that.

Startup Drinks is open to anyone who wants to get a snapshot of what’s going in the scene; who’s working on what and where. The way I see it, the more diversity of perspectives, the better: you could be a student of computer science, a programmer working for a large corporation or someone like me who is focused on administration. Everyone has a unique perspective worth exploring over a pint. If you want to come, make sure to REGISTER over at TechEntreprise.com!


Alexandros. las Arenas de amon

StartupDrinks Montreal

Startups and drinking are both positive influences in my life so I never miss an opportunity to combine both. Heri at TechEntreprise has announced the next StartupDrinks Montreal which is happening next Wednesday (Nov 26) at Reservoir. It’s on Duluth just east of St. Laurent (head up to the second floor). Festivities start at 5:30pm though no one will judge you if you decide to start drinking earlier. You can always blame “the market”.

If you’re an entrepreneur or you’re thinking of becoming one, please register at TechEntrepreprise and come on out. Funders, students and service providers are also welcome. It’s exactly the kind of event I like: lite on presentations and heavy on networking.