Leadership Team

Peter Bailey

Peter Bailey


Peter Bailey is a Partner at Flow Ventures. As a proven leader of business teams and an entrepreneur, he specializes in SR&ED and government grants, other tax credits and has helped startups raise millions of dollars of financing.

He is a seasoned professional with extensive expertise in business development specializing in startups and high growth companies. His primary focus is on assisting companies with a systematic approach in providing the processes and strategies required for successful government claims.

Peter is a regular speaker and participant at technology events, he is a mentor and advisor to numerous startups and has helped grow companies across North America.

Bryan Watson

Bryan Watson


An institution within the Canadian growth-company and innovation ecosystems, Bryan Watson is a Partner at Flow Ventures.

For over a decade Bryan has advised and supported investors, all levels of government, NGOs, and companies at all stages of growth – from idea to exit.

Bryan is a Director of multiple companies and continues to support the community by operating both CleanTech North and StartupDrinks in Toronto. He has served as Executive Director of the National Angel Capital Organization, the National Angel Organization-Ontario, and CEO Fusion . In addition to these roles, Bryan has been a Director of Precarn Incorporated and the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance, and an Advisor to the Mississauga R.I.C. Center and many startups.

In 2015, Bryan was honoured to be selected as one of 7 finalists for the 2015 BDC Mentorship Award.

Raymond Luk

Raymond Luk


Raymond Luk is the founder of Flow Ventures. He is an experienced entrepreneur and operator and has played an active role in Canada’s technology industry over the last 15 years.

He is the CEO of Hockeystick.co, Managing Director of Year One Labs, and is an active Angel investor.

Technical Writers

Flow Ventures’ team of highly skilled, seasoned, senior Technical SR&ED writers have, combined, filed thousands of SR&ED claims. We also draw upon a network of consultants who specialize in specific technical areas to ensure our clients get the best possible service, tailored to their industry and individual needs.

We also employ financial experts who review all of your financial data and evidence, ensuring your SR&ED claim is maximized while also preparing the necessary tax forms.

Business Support Specialists

Flow Ventures is committed to supporting your organization throughout the whole process. Our support team tracks the progress of your SR&ED claim, from submission to the deposit of refunds. .

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