Introducing Scalability Inc. – A Back Office for Startups

Flow Ventures | May 16th

We’re announcing the launch of Scalability Inc. a spin-off from Flow Ventures. Scalability has one goal: to take away all the hassles business owners go through to run the administrative side of their business. This includes bookkeeping, accounting, government filings, payroll, record keeping, and human resources. Remember, as your business scales, so does the complexity of your back office.

How are most companies managing their back office today? The more organized companies spend a lot of money on admin staff, bookkeepers, accountants and consultants. This is costly and the responsibility to keep on top of everything still falls on management.

Less organized companies simply let things fall through the cracks: taxes get filed late, it takes longer to get paid, your staff suffer because everything is disorganized. Worst of all, as a business owner you just don’t feel you have visibility into what’s happening in your business.

Why you need Scalability Inc.

We are back office experts and startup experts. We not only take care of your admin tasks, we monitor your business so things are taken care of before problems arise. We get excited about best practices in administration, seriously!

Scalability Inc. operates remotely and in the cloud. Every file is archived digitally. Every transaction is logged. We’ll even open and scan your mail if you want us to. Best of all, you always have a human being you can talk to with any questions or special requests.

We offer flat-rate subscriptions so you can plan your cash flow effectively rather than be unpleasantly surprised when you receive an hourly-rate bill. We have packages for each stage of your business and we’re rolling out premium services that you can order on an ad hoc basis.

Getting Started

Check out our packages at Or just contact us directly to learn more. We’d love to hear your feedback and we offer a free evaluation of your current back office so you know where you stand.

Also follow us on Twitter: @scalabilitycainc and join our Facebook page.