Year One Labs grad Localmind acquired by AirBnB

Flow Ventures | December 13th

Question: Was Localmind acquired by AirBnB?

Answer: You bet!

I’m very proud to announce (or at least point to the TechCrunch article) the acquisition of Localmind by AirBnB.

Localmind was one of the first investments we made at Year One Labs, the accelerator I co-founded with Ben Yoskovitz, Alistair Croll and Ian Rae. Investors love exits but accelerator exits feel even more gratifying because you’ve seen the company when it’s just an idea, or just the hope that a few smart people would find a great idea.
Anyone who’s met Lenny or Beau knows they can be summed up in two words: hustle, and so-damn-nice-you’d-swear-they-were-Canadian!
I can’t wait to bet on whatever they do next.