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Government Grants

Is government funding part of your business strategy?
If not, it should be.

Find out how much grant funding you could get

What is a Grant and who’s eligible?

Government Incentives, colloquially known as “grants”, are financial contributions given by the federal or provincial government to an eligible grantee to support an applicant project, business development, or emergency recovery. Canadian government funding programs support businesses, nonprofits and institutions. 

3 Key Criteria that must all be met for a company to be eligible for grants:

  • Operations located in Canada
  • Have financial records in Canada
  • Be legally able to enter into a binding contract with the government

The Funding Categories

To best determine the right grants for your planned initiatives, we have simplified the landscape by mapping the programs into 6 key categories:


Business Growth

  • Infrastructure or facility modifications and process improvements

  • Building innovation capacity

  • Improving export growth, productivity, performance, and competitiveness 

  • Exhibiting at international tradeshows


Capital Purchases

  • Purchasing new or improved manufacturing machines and equipment
  • Retrofitting existing technologies to become more competitive 
  • Upgrades or purchases that improve productivity & efficiency or introduce new technology or contribute to increasing exports

Research & Development

  • Any project with the objective to grow and generate profits through adoption, adaptions, development and commercializing of innovative, technology driven, new or improved products, services or processes.

Hiring and Training

  • Hiring those who are: Facing barriers to employment, under 30 years old, skilled or unskilled workers, university students or apprentices
  • Training current and/or new employees
  • Training to support the adoption of new technology, processes or procedures
  • Training to enhance skills and career development

Green & Clean Technology

  • Lighting retrofits and controls
  • Variable speed drives
  • Improvement on thermal performance
  • Implementation of new operating procedures
  • Low carbon emission projects


  • Community revitalization, conservation and restoration
  • Adoption or adapting new technologies that improve productivity, practices, and support integration into global value chains
  • Job creation

Why choose Flow Ventures?

Funding Strategy

We will help you optimize how you tap into government funding sources - whether it be Grants or SR&ED tax credits, repayable, non-repayable and otherwise.

Grant Search & Assessment

We will use our extensive database and knowledge of available grants to assess which grants you may be eligible for and chart a roadmap for your business’ growth

Grant Writing

Writing a narrative that complies with the requirements of the various programs can be tedious and time consuming. Let our team of expert writers assist you with this.

Let us help you explore Government Grants