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Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED)

Flow Ventures is a SR&ED consulting firm with unparalleled experience helping companies maximize their SR&ED refunds while minimizing their risk and time.

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What are SR&ED Tax Credits?

Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) is a Canadian government tax credit program aimed at encouraging businesses of all sizes to conduct R&D to develop new — or improve existing — methods, processes, services and products

SR&ED Tax Credits provide non-dilutive growth funding to eligible Canadian businesses to offset the cost of innovation.

  • Up to 69% of eligible R&D expenses (depending on your province) may be refunded from CRA.
  • Eligible expenditures include salaries, sub-contractor fees and materials.

Check out our easy-to-read infographic to learn more: About SR&ED Program

Why choose us?

We save you time & money

We do the heavy lifting of writing the narrative and financial calculations. We keep in touch and provide ongoing guidance of how to build your SR&ED value throughout the year.

We stand behind our work

In case of an audit of your claim, we will prepare you and documents for your meeting(s) with CRA and be in attendance to support you.

We help you maximize your claim

We uncover all eligible SR&ED work and correctly estimate the amount of expenses related to those work. We like to leave no stone unturned.

We’re good at it

Working with a reputable firm helps getting your claim accepted as filed. With our 15+ years of experience, we understand how to navigate the changing policies, minimize risk and ensure your claim is successful.

Your SR&ED claims grow & scale as you do

Unlike other government tax programs, you can apply for SR&ED every year that eligible work took place in. Receive refunds for development costs, allowing you to grow your team & build more products.

We’ve illustrated this concept of Utilizing The SR&ED Cycle To Fuel Growth in the image below.


SR&ED Resources

Access our SR&ED resources that we’ve compiled based on our 15 years of experience.

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Learn about eligibility, how much you can receive, documentation tips, case studies & more.

Flow Ventures is the SR&ED consulting firm every company should be working with.

Their SR&ED evidence gathering process ensures our SR&ED claims are beyond reproach. We received a 10X larger credit than with our previous provider and received our return in under 3 weeks. Beyond SR&ED, the Flow team uses their knowledge and network help us access other resources such as grants and customers. I highly recommend their work.”

Steven Uster ,

CEO and CoFounder FundThrough

For over 15 years our team has helped thousands of companies file millions of dollars worth of SR&ED claims and used the knowledge gained from each of those clients to proactively help them unlock the resources they need to grow.

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You could be eligible for $400K

over the last two years, but you have to act fast!

Have you gained new knowledge through your development efforts?

Let us help you be sure you aren’t leaving money on the table! We specialize in helping companies recover money for current, ongoing and past expenditure related to R&D.