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The essential SR&ED guide for businesses

By Canada’s Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) Tax Credit Experts.

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What are SR&ED tax credits?

Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) is a Canadian government tax credit program aimed at encouraging businesses of all sizes to conduct R&D to develop new — or improve existing — methods, processes, services and products. SR&ED Tax Credits provide non-dilutive growth funding to eligible Canadian businesses to offset the cost of innovation.

What can you recover?

Up to 73% of eligible R&D expenses (depending on your province) may be refunded from CRA. Eligible expenditures include salaries, sub-contractor fees and materials.

innovation knows no bounds

Innovation knows no bounds

A lot of people think that SR&ED is carried out in laboratories by people in white coats but that is not the case. Businesses across many different fields/industries qualify for the SR&ED program. However, the nature of the R&D work you do is more relevant than your business sector when determining eligibility for the program.

Estimated returns

Maximum Eligible Return Rates

*Total Refundable and Non refundable amounts vary from province to province.


Canadian Controlled Private Corporation (Most tech start-ups fall in this category).


Businesses controlled by non Canadian residents or controlled by public corporations.

Salaries 73% 38%
Sub Contractor Fees 37% 22%
Materials consumed or transformed 42% 28%
Refundable ITC’s *Quebec offers 14% refundable credits
You could be eligible for $400k


Projects Written


In house
SR&ED Experts


 Received for
our clients

If you’ve never filed SR&ED,

You could be eligible for $400k.

Have you gained new knowledge through your development efforts? Let us help you be sure you aren’t leaving money on the table! We specialize in helping companies recover money for current, ongoing and past expenditure related to R&D.

Steven Uster, CEO

Steven Uster, CEO


Where expertise meets experience

“Flow is the SR&ED consulting firm every company should be working with. Their SR&ED evidence gathering process ensures our SR&ED claims are beyond reproach. We received a 10X larger credit than with our previous provider and received our return in under 3 weeks. Beyond SR&ED, the Flow team uses their knowledge and network to help us access other resources such as grants and customers. I highly recommend their work.”

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