SR&ED Excellence

The backbone of Flow Ventures is our SR&ED practice and expertise. Excellence in this practice has garnered the trust of Canada’s fastest growing companies as well as long-established ones. Our evidence gathering regime and claim preparation process have been lauded, helping minimize the risk our clients face while also substantiating a maximized SR&ED claim.

Flow views our clients as a whole; we are not just focused on SRED, but instead use SRED as a foundation. Engaging us as your SR&ED consultants unlocks the strategic, specialty services, networks and other specialized services you need to grow that Flow is uniquely qualified to provide.

Our Process

A Systematic Documentation Process and Data Collection Regime.

Flow Ventures implements a documentation and data-gathering program for our clients so that all eligible SR&ED activities are tracked and recorded on an ongoing basis so that they can be claimed to the fullest.

We will never visit your office at year end and ask, “So, what did you do during the past year?” – We already know!

Flow engages with our clients throughout the fiscal year, establishing the SR&ED projects as the year progresses, documenting them either monthly or quarterly depending on the scale and scope of the projects, and collecting the evidence to substantiate the claims through the year.

At the year end the majority of the work has been done and the evidence has been collected, therefore our experienced staff can synthesize the information into laymen terms that can be understood by a generalist or a technical specialist at the CRA.

We prepare the claim application (Form T661), provide support submitting the claim, and monitor its processing progress with CRA on a weekly basis. If there is an audit, we provide training for our clients, prepare evidence and work with our clients to identify supplementary information as per the request of the CRA auditor.

Added Value

Flow Ventures believes in taking a holistic view of our clients and how they can best be served. SR&ED is a significant part of this, of course, but it is by no means the only resource a company needs to secure growth.

Flow Ventures’ SR&ED process aggregates all the information that is critical to identifying other resources that may benefit our clients. These can include, but are not limited to:

  • Grants and subsidies
  • Venture Capital and Angel Investment
  • Alternative financing mechanisms such as debt, factoring and royalty financing
  • Strategic Connections
  • Customers Introductions

Flow Ventures provides exclusive value-added advisory services to our SR&ED clients free or charge, working with them to develop a customized strategy for accessing the resources they need, no matter what they be.

These services save our clients time, reduces their costs and leverages their investments in their business while leveraging our network to help their companies advance.

For over 10 years we have relied on Flow’s expertise in government funding applications, strategies and best practices. We have always be extremely happy with the results of their diligent work.

Warren Wilansky
Warren Wilansky, Founder/CEO
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